Is it Time to Shift your Portfolio?

Globe and Mail: Blackrock’s top Canadian strategist thinks it time for investors to shift their portfolios…

“As we enter the second half, portfolios need to have greater resilience to some of these unanticipated potential shocks,” [Kurt] Reiman said. He recommends investors shift some of their money from equities into short-duration fixed income and focus on U.S. and emerging-market technology stocks.

“The positive view on U.S. and emerging markets isn’t so much a negative view on the rest of the world, it’s just a consequence of the fact that that’s where the earnings are strongest,” he said. “The technology sector is by no means cheap but its earnings momentum is very strong and we’re seeing upward revisions, so that’s where we’re recommending that investors spend more of their risk budget.” Click here to read the complete article on Globe and Mail.

PLAN OF ACTION: Our core position of CI Signature Global Income and Growth has a significant weighting to technology though they have recently trimmed some positions in response to the ‘trump tirades’. For those that want a larger weighting to technology stocks around the world including emerging markets (as per the suggestion by BlackRock) then you can do no better than the DYNAMIC POWER GLOBAL fund run by Noah Blackstein. While his long term numbers are tough to beat higher returns USUALLY come with higher VOLATILITY. You need to be willing to give him 5 years for the best chance at higher than average returns.

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‘historical analysis does not reflect future returns’

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