Stock Opportunities - What Opportunities are in Store?

These are a few comments/insights/viewpoints from some of the TOP portfolio managers in Canada. My comments (if any) are in RED.

Michael Simpson (Sentry)

  • Opportunities in energy and infrastructure (we have been buying Brookfield Infrastructure for some clients)

  • CDN$ to trade in range between 70 and 75 cents (might want to pick up some US$ at these levels for next trip)

  • Increasing exposure to CDN REITS (real estate)

  • Feels CDN banks are EXPENSIVE

  • Exposure to U.S. is in rails, transports and some financials (Wells Fargo and JP Morgan)… (we have some clients in Bank of America)

Dennis Mitchell (Sprott… formerly with Sentry)

  • Zero exposure to energy and materials

  • Has less exposure to Europe and more to U.S. recently

  • Lower oil prices EQUALS lower growth in oil producing countries (we are an oil producing country)

  • PROLONGED LOW INTEREST WORLD (80% of the bonds in the world pay less than 1%)

We continue to suggest the following individual positions for many client portfolio’s:

  • CI Investment (CIX)

  • Brookfield Infrastructure (BIP)

  • Manulife (MFC)

I encourage clients (and those who would like to discuss becoming a client) to contact the office to arrange a review meeting if you we have not met in the last 90 days.

The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Argosy Securities Inc. This does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned. The information contained herein may not apply to all types of investors. Please consult a professional before making an investment decision.

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