Slight Dip in Stocks - Time to Panic?

Summary of benchmark returns

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For those with living in areas with no source of communication I will state the obvious…markets are down.

The final word(s) on this are…

WHATEVER INCOME YOU NEED OVER THE NEXT 3-4 YEARS SHOULD BE IN INVESTMENTS THAT ‘DO NOT GO BUMP IN THE NIGHT’. If you have heard this before it is because it is very important.

If that is the case than ‘no worries mate’. If not then ‘make it so’.


I want to remind (and encourage) clients that they have FREE access (I cover the fee) to my wife’s fitness studio (FIT) . Many clients take advantage of this but I want to encourage everyone (we have 80+ participating) to take the time (and energy) to give it a shot and experience the results (visit her website to see some of the testimonials)

I have also attached an article from the globe and mail regarding the importance of this as we ‘mature'

Now onto market specific comments. The following is from a recent Globe and Mail interview with Eric Nuttall of Sprott Asset Management.

Eric Nuttall of Sprott Asset Management has a warning for energy investors: The worst isn’t over yet. But that doesn’t mean you should wait it out. The lead portfolio manager of the Sprott Energy Fund is fully invested in Canadian oil stocks (after being 70 per cent in cash twice last year), based on a belief that the current oil price below $30 (U.S.) a barrel is “unsustainable.” While Mr. Nuttall admits he jumped back in the market too soon, he’s counting on a “meaningful price recovery” in the coming months.

What’s your prediction for the price of oil?

I think oil will rally to over $50 by the end of this year. There will be volatility between now and then. I think the floor price will be in the next two to three months. I can see a scenario where the market rebounds in the second or third quarter.

How low do you think the price of oil will go?

I have no idea. I never thought we’d be at $30.

How is today’s oil market collapse different than in 2008?

It’s way worse. The losses are larger, which is staggering, and it’s occurring in a more compressed time frame. There are names that have fallen 80 to 90 per cent in the past three months. Look at Boulder Energy Ltd., for example, which is down 80 per cent. Paramount Resources Inc. is down 72 per cent. In December, I had my best and my worst day in the history of managing the fund in over five years. I had a down-11-per-cent day and an up-10.5-per-cent day.

This month, I’m having my worst month in the history of managing the fund, and it’s only been two weeks. I’m not going to tell you how much – it’s embarrassing.

Did you jump back in too early?

Yes. Anybody who has had exposure at any time in the past year has been too early.

What stocks are you buying?

I’m buying stocks that have fallen 70 to 90 per cent from six to nine months ago, with the belief they can rally from 50 to 100 per cent by the end of the year. My key holdings include Crescent Point Energy Corp., Bonterra Energy Corp., Whitecap Resources Inc., Baytex Energy Corp. and Cardinal Energy Ltd.

Why are you only buying Canadian energy stocks?

People see a $29.68 oil price and forget that a Canadian company has its costs in Canadian dollars, and sells product in U.S. dollars. When you convert that back into Canadian dollars, you get about a 45-per-cent uplift. At today’s price, [and including the Canadian oil discount when sold in U.S. dollars of about $3], that’s almost a $40 oil price, versus $30 for a U.S. company. I see absolutely no reason to be in U.S. producers.

How has your investing style changed in this market?

As the stocks rally, I typically sell into strength and deploy cash on weakness. It will be different this year. I’m terrified of missing the turn. I think it will be violent to the upside and occur in a very compressed time frame. There could be more downside, but if I’m correct in my call on the commodity, I’m willing to suffer through the remaining downside and be patient to benefit from the much greater upside.

Are you short any stocks?

Not today. I was short some land drillers earlier this month and made some money. Given how far things have fallen, I don’t feel compelled to be either short or to have cash. I want to be fully invested, to be as exposed as possible when the turn occurs, with the admission that I could be early by another month or two.

What’s your advice to average investors?

The biggest risk today isn’t being invested in energy stocks. It’s not being invested in energy stocks. Given the magnitude of how far many of these stocks have fallen, I don’t know if there will necessarily be the magical pullback people need to buy. That means if they aren’t already in before the lows, they could miss the run. I’ve seen that many times and have been guilty of that myself with stocks.

This interview has been edited and condensed.

Since we (Argosy-Burlington) have low exposure to Canadian equities we are typically light on energy and resource stocks THOUGH I fully believe that looking back in 1-2 years we will have seen this time frame as a significant buying opportunity.

One of the risks however is owning the wrong company…one of the firms that does not survive, so in light of that I am suggesting that most money allocated to this sector is done through a mutual fund to avoid company specific risk.

The fund I am suggesting for that is Sentry Energy Fund. After we capture some of the outsized upside we will roll this into one of our other Sentry positions such as Sentry Global Balanced (now called Sentry Global Monthly Income).

The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Argosy Securities Inc. This does not constitute an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any of the securities mentioned. The information contained herein may not apply to all types of investors. Please consult a professional before making an investment decision.

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