Thinking about the future?  We provide our clients with tailored financial solutions and sound financial advice. We can help with Retirement Planning, RRSP, Estate Planning, Investment Plans, Insurance and building Tax Strategies.


Building A Plan


We provide financial consulting and asset management but we know that people benefit greatly when all aspects of their finances are integration within a financial plan. This starting process provides a road map that guides you towards the achievement of the goals you have defined and to which you are committed.


With us, you will be dealing with one adviser instead of the revolving door experience (with a new adviser every 2 years) that many Canadians unfortunately experience at a bank branch when building and managing their financial plan. To start building your plan and taking full advantage of our services, please contact us and book an appointment today.


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“…if you don’t know where you are going any road will get you there.” Levis Carrol, 1832 – 1898

Other Services Include *

  • Tax and Estate Planning

  • Income Tax Filing

  • Financial planning



  • Mutual Funds

  • Individual Securities

  • Individual Bonds

  • ETF’s (exchange traded funds)

  • Personal Insurance

  • TFSA (tax free savings plans)

  • Non-registered savings programs

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